About Lake Life Vacations – Lake of the Ozarks

Marty and Laurie Harp moved to the Lake area in 2015.

Laurie is a St. Louis native but later settled in Grafton, IL, where she owned and operated a guest house, The LaMarsh House of Beds and Blues. Marty, a body man by trade, as well as custom painter and upholsterer, relocated from Central Illinois and owned Grafton’s Artisan Village right next door. It is there that they met, and while going thru the two floods of 2013, fell in love and later married.

Renovating, decorating and repurposing is a love they both share, and it is reflected in their homes. They work with the property owner, many times designing on a dime and with the existing contents, to make an update extremely affordable.

In their spare time, Marty handcrafts unique bullet and industrial jewelry, and they like to create signs, tiki and lake themed items. You’ll find various pieces tagged throughout their homes that are available to purchase on the decor and jewelry page.

Their kids and grandkids love to visit, and they have a few favorite recipes that are a “must have” every time. They offer those same dishes for their guests to purchase so that they can enjoy a great homecooked meal without the fuss.

It goes without saying that Marty and Laurie are hands-on in every aspect of their business.

They love their lake life, and want everyone to experience a piece of it while on their Lake Life Vacation!